EBASIM Bench Spectrograph

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The detector is a Roper Scientific, Versarray 1300B model, manufactured by Princeton Instruments with 20 µm 1340 × 1300 pixels installed on a dewar cooled with liquid nitrogen. The chip is thinned and has Unichrome UV coating. The nitrogen loading bt pressure option has recently been added to this camera, which makes the process faster and safer.

The table below shows the main characteristics of the chip. The figure shows the quantum efficiency of the chip.


Characteristics of the Roper CCD
(by manufacturer's specifications)
rows × columns1340 × 1300
pixel size20 × 20 µ
chip size26.8 mm × 26 mm
gain #10.5 e-/ADU
gain #21.0 e-/ADU
gain #32.0 e-/ADU
read-out noise 100kHz<5 e-
read-out noise 1Mhz10 e-
dark current<1 e-/hour/pixel
A/D converter 16 bits
operating temperature-120 °C
read-out time1.8s a 1Mhz

Readout noise measured in gain #3 and 1Mhz reading is 7 e-