Remote operation of "Jorge Sahade" telescope

For several years CASLEO conducted tests to implement the remote operation of "Jorge Sahade" telescope and the equipment installed on Burek. Particularly, both the THG and the ASH telescopes on Burek allowed this kind of operation from their first light, but the goal was always to reach a similar control for the HSH and "Jorge Sahade" telescopes.

During 2013 the remote operation system for "Jorge Sahade" telescope was implemented and it was tested operating the telescope from various places in Argentina and abroad. These tests have enabled today a reliable system which allows a better local logistics and permits access to the observation from the astronomer's place of residence.


Those interested in this type of operation have a manual with instructions to connect and use and a model of the spreadsheet to register your observations, but CASLEO suggests that before using this mode the astronomer make a practice from the control room performed during a previous assigned observing time in order to evaluate their usefulness and practicality for every peripheral instrument and observation plan.