"Horacio Ghielmetti" Telescope

Optical Sistem: Schmidt - Cassegrain
Manufacturer: Meade
Mount: Fork-type

Main Optical Data

Corrector diameter:406.4 mm
Focal Ratio:10
Effective focal length:4064 mm

Other Data

This instrument is installed at the Burek mountain under an agreement between the Instituto de Astronomía y Física del Espacio (IAFE) and CASLEO, and can be operated remotely through the Internet.

The instrument has a Apogee Alta U16 CCD detector in primary focus, with a 4096 x 4096 matrix of 9.0 microns pixels, gain of 1.3 e-/ADU, read-out noise of 15 e- and dark current of 0.1 e-/pixel/sec, which cover an area in the sky of 31' x 31'. The technical specifications of this camera could be found here. At the moment, the instrument is equipped with broad-band filters.

The dome, the telescope and the CCD are remotely controlled from any PC connected to the Internet by means of VNC or Remote Administrator. To facilitate the control of the instrument a WebCam is available inside the shelter, which is also remotely controlled.