Proposal submission

In this page the astronomers will find electronic forms to ask for observing time at CASLEO. If you only want to visit our facilities, either during the day or the night, please do NOT use these forms. In that case, go to Outreach Activities.

The call for proposals corresponding to 2018B semester (Aug/01, 2018 to Jan/31, 2019) is now closed. The CfP for semester 2019A (Feb/01 to Jul/31, 2019) will open in September 2018.

Proposals are received for "Director's Discretionary Time" (DD), to apply for telescope time till the end of the present semester (Jul/31, 2018). Proposals applying for DD time do not meet the criteria for normal proposals; e.g., they involve non-predictable astronomical phenomena, "high-risk" proposals with a potentially strong impact, short observations needed to complete a given program, projects involving simultaneous observations at other wavelengths, etc. DD proposals are evaluated by the CCU Head, and observing time is eventually assigned by the Director, taking into account available time and instrumental constraints. For further instructions (Spanish only), please click here.

Before submitting your request for observing time, please read carefully the section Norms and Regulations.

Please, send any further questions to turnos(at)

Service Observing

CASLEO offers observers the possibility to request service observing for the JS telescope. Please contact us at turnos(at) for details.

Observing Run Report:

In order to provide a better service to the observers that visit CASLEO is important that they fill a report with their opinions regarding several points of interest for our technical staff. The report should be sent from your own e-mail address to turnos(at) and it will be for Exclusive use of the Director.

Report models with updated questions can be found at this link for "Jorge Sahade" Telescope or at this link for "Helen Sawyer Hogg" telescope.

Remember that this report does not replace the information that is included in the telescope daily report and please do not use forms from previous semesters because it is possible that the questions asked be different.